Monday, March 7, 2011

Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs Plans Memorial Garden at Dover Air Force Base

THE FOLLOWING IS TAKEN DIRECTLY From the National Garden clubs website News page LINK TO STORY

One cannot drive past the Dover Air Force Base without thinking of the heart breaking ceremony that takes place there almost daily. For whatever other reason, Dover Air Force Base exists, it is still known to Delawareans and to the country as the place the bodies of those died fighting in foreign lands are received home.

Newspaper articles described a recently opened building at the base called the "Center for the Families of the Fallen." This building is used by the families who come to Dover to receive the bodies of their loved ones.
The Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs is planning to design and plant a Memorial Garden as a project at the Center. The Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs consists of 895 members in 28 garden clubs in Delaware.
The project consists of creating a garden in front of the Center to be accessed from the Center through the two sets of doors. With the generous donations of two of our Board members, we contracted with a well known therapeutic Landscape Designer, Rodney Robinson, to draw up a set of conceptual plans for this area and hope to be able to raise the money needed to proceed with the installation of the garden. Right now, it is a pretty dismal spot and needs to be enclosed to afford privacy for the families.  This is the area we are now focusing on since it needs immediate attention.

Our project is estimated to cost $120,000. Since the garden will be used year round a large portion of the cost will be in hardscaping. A wall will be built for privacy along with a water fountain that will relaxing and be emotionally healing.

Another section of the mortuary complex is being built by a Fisher Foundation donation of $4,000,000. The "Inn" is similar to the Ronald McDonald's houses. Even though it is in the same complex, Delaware is only landscaping the "Center For The Families Of The Fallen".     ##

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